Monday, 27 November 2017

A&P Show

Last week we got given a task to create the '2018 A&P show'. 

Here is my whole presentation:

This is the Logo/Sign that I made for my presentation.

Here is my piece of writing to do with history

Here is my photo book, to give you an idea of what I saw at the A&P

Please comment and give me feedback on how I should present.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Oceanmaker

🌊The Oceanmaker🌊
Our writing genre for this week is currently 'Narrative'. A narrative is a spoken or written account of connected events; a story. My narrative is written in 1st person; which means I am talking about the person in the story. 
The Process:
1) I had to watch part of the 'Oceanmaker video. (We only watched a little bit so we could choose the ending ourselves.) (Watch here)
2) Then, we discussed the video, and talked about what we saw, heard, and felt like.
3) After that, all of the class had to make a plan, so we could plan what the ending of our story. 
4) We started writing our story, and after we had written it, we re-read it to make sure it made sense.
5) Then, we all met on the mat and watched the whole video so we could see what the real ending was like. 

Please tell me on what I need to improve on, and give me feedback in the comments!

To see the ending of my story, read it! Here is my story:

Yara looked around the dry, lost place, worried while operating her plane, hope lost, and she was desperate. Desperate to find what she was looking for. No food. No water. She had to find it.
She soon realised that she was in the right place when she saw a lighthouse, to her left.
Yara looked down to the sheet in her lap, labeled: ‘The Oceanmaker’. The environment around her was dry, and scorching, causing her to feel dizzy. She picked up her binoculars, her hope still lost. Her eyes bulged. She looked over to see a cloud, not big, not small. The cloud was heading in her direction.
Adrenaline rushed through her body. The cloud seemed to be getting closer and closer, she could feel it. Her eyes focused on the misty cloud, so delicate, but so powerful. This cloud depended on her future. This cloud depended on everyone’s future.
The cloud was filling the dry land, shaped like a pothole, and turning it into an ocean. Yara’s eyes wetted. She soon wiped them to see another set of clouds coming toward her direction. But she had forgotten about one thing. She was in a plane.
The feeling of joy spread like a virus around Yara’s body. Her beam lit up the plane. She watched as the land got deeper, and more moist. The clouds flooded the sky, and the ground, and then Yara realised.
Her plane was getting lower, and lower, and lower, and lower. The water had taken over. Yara looked up to see the water forming a wave, about to drown her.
The wave crashed over the plane, and hit Yara so hard, that she went blind for a second. Yara screamed underwater. The plane door was locked, and Yara panicked. She was losing her breath. Was this it?
She didn’t have much power or force underwater, but she was a clever girl. She tried to smash the window and fortunately, it worked. Yara swam through the smashed window, going purple. She swam to the top, where there was air, as fast as she could.
Yara took a deep breath when she reached the top. Relief hit her. I’m alive.
The sun wrapped around her, and cooked her. She groaned and dunked herself back underwater. The cooling water surrounded her, and calmed her. She slowly popped her head out the top, and breathed. I don’t know how I’m going to get home. She thought. How am I so calm in this situation?
The more Yara tried to panic herself, the more calm she got. She didn’t know why.
A shark swam up to her. HOW? THE LAND WAS JUST A DESERT AND NOW THERE ARE SHARKS SNEAKING AROUND? Yara was so frustrated, but she didn’t have any time for anger, because right then, it was a life threatening decision she had to make.
She had to get away from a shark.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Do you have to create an 'Uru Manuka' Logo?

The past few days our class has been working on Uru Manuka logos.
What is Uru Manuka? Uru Manuka is a cluster of schools that do blog commenting and share their learning on their blogs.

Here are my logo suggestions on a Google Slide, Please give feedback, and then tell me in the comments which one is your favourite!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Do you know how to add fractions? Here's How!

Lately, I have been learning to add fractions, and i've been finding it a bit hard. But I've got it now! I want to share with you guys a D.L.O on 'How to add fractions'. This is an easy method for me, please let me know if this D.L.O helped you with adding fractions, and how I could improve my D.L.O.

Thanks, Here's The Video.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Have you ever been in a Movie?

Movie Character Day!

Yesterday (7 September 2017),
Our school had movie character day. Me and my friend Grace went as 'Beauty and the beast'. I was beauty, and she was the beast :'D. Has your school done Movie Character day before? If so, what did you go as?

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tech Master!

On the 5th of September some people from our class went to Hornby Primary School to do a toolkit. We had to show people what we could do on devices, and my group showed people how to do 'Google Drawings'. We did well, and I had fun. My favourite toolkit there was on ' how to do a screencastify' by Lauren, Mika,  Cayde and Shukoor. We got to explore new things on screencastify like 'how to turn the webcam on'. I found out how to draw on the screen while I'm recording. Here are some pictures from the day.:D

Thursday, 10 August 2017

William Pike!

Yesterday William Pike visited our class. William Pike is a New Zealander who lost his leg during an accident during a trip with his friend. He told us his story and I heard a lot of ooing and aahing :D.

For the William Pike Challenge We do Passion Projects, Outdoor Activities and Community Service.
I have 40% on outdoor activities which I am proud of.

Does your school does the William Pike Challenge?