Friday, 6 July 2018

Term 2 Reflection

Hi guys, today for our school, it is the very last day of Term 2 and because of this all of our class did an 'End of Term Reflection'. I talked about how I found some parts of the term difficult and how I improved. For this we had to write at least 200 words, and I found this hard because at first I thought we just had to write a couple of sentences.

If you would like to see my reflection click the link below:

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Newspaper report - The Yaldhurst Times

Hey! I have now finished my newspaper report and I think you guys are ready to see it.
What I found difficult was fitting it all onto two pages - because there was so much to write!
I was doing my newspaper on google docs as I tried to use a different website previously but that really didn't work haha.

To see my newspaper click on the link below:

Angles for maths

Hi Bloggers!
Today I will be blogging about what I have learned in maths for this week. 
I learned how to tell a certain degree of an angle for example: Image result for angle problems
So, the grey dot is 130 degrees because the straight line adds up to 180 degrees, and all we have to do is take that 50 from 180 and it equals 130. 
I found it difficult this week because instead of working out 180 degree angles we had to work out 360 with odd numbers. 

I hope you learned something looking at my post today - Thanks and comment down below. 

Friday, 29 June 2018

The Yaldhurst Times - My Newspaper Reports

For the past week our whole class has been working on our own newspapers. Mine is called 'The Yaldhurst Times', I came up with this name by using our school name and thinking of what newspaper names could go on the end, and eventually I came up with 'The Yaldhurst Times'.

I found it difficult to get a right layout with my newspaper, since I was using google docs; we had an option to use other newspaper layouts on different websites but somehow it just wasn't working for anyone.

I also found it difficult to use formal language and especially using third person because a few times in my report I wanted to use 'we', or 'you'.
The requirements for my newspaper report were:

  • Having a Headline, and a Byline
  • Including a quote
  • Other parts of information in a report from another source/website
  • Correct punctuation
One reason why I'm doing this blog is because I am not yet finished my report and I would like feedback, and this is what I'm unsure about: 
  1. Does my report look like a newspaper?
  2. Do I need any extras to make it look like a newspaper?
  3. Can you spot anything I need to improve?
Here is the link to my newspaper report:

Friday, 22 June 2018

Getting to know angles

This week we did a revision in maths to see how well we knew angles. We went over the different types of angles and tried to memorise them. I decided to make a presentation on it so I had a more positive attitude toward math. I found it difficult to remember what the different angles were, but in the end, I had an idea in my head of what each one meant.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Posted - The Interview

Since the start of term 2, we as a class have been reading a book called 'Posted'.
And since we have been reading the book, we have been given activities to do every day; the activities were based on the book. 

One of the activities were doing an interview, and I did this with my best friend Grace ( ) , and I have to admit, it was pretty fun, but we were a bit silly with it! 

Posted is a book about a boy who moves schools, and then phones are banned at their school. 
After the phones get banned in their school, the main character (Eric - or 'Frost'), starts communicating with his friends by using 'Post-It' notes; and soon after, this becomes a phase. But was it a phase, or just a trouble-making war? 

Read the book to find out! 
And if you'd like to see the interview my friend and I made, just watch the video below:

Friday, 8 June 2018


The last two days our yr 7/8 class has been researching pop art, and what it is.
We had to research artists, how they grew up, and what techniques they use in their art. 
The artist that inspired me the most is roy lichtenstein, I liked his technique and idea in his art.

What is pop art? It is the type of art that is usually used in comic books, and usually includes onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is a sound word, eg: Splash! Slop, Slap, Bounce, Pop!

I did a slideshow telling you about pop art.