Friday, 18 May 2018


Today me and my best friend made a video about BEDMAS, because that's what we've been doing for maths.
This is what BEDMAS Stands for:
B is for Bracets
E is for Exponents
D is for Division
M is for Multiplication
A is for Addition
S is for Subtraction.

Bedmas is all of these things in one equation.
Here is my video:

Friday, 11 May 2018

A Non Chronological report.

In the first two weeks of the term for writing we have been doing non chronological reports. We have been learning how to write proper reports and use factual language. I found it difficult to use factual language and get my report to make sense, but in the end I learnt how to use factual language properly.
The other day I wrote a report about a kind of shoe I made up, my report is below.

On Monday the 9th of April, Rimu class of Yaldhurst Model school were each asked to trial a pair of “Bouncers”.
Bouncers are a pair of shoes that were designed to make it easy to jump higher, or ‘bounce’.
The company Pom states that the springy mesh of The Bouncers is better quality than your everyday trampoline, so therefore, they are most expensive shoes on the market, but they are value for money.

Colors you can get them in:
You can order the Bouncers online, and get them in a different variety of colors. The color choices are:
A Prussian Blue, Lilac, Cadet Gray, and a Jet Black.
The Bouncers are not yet in stores, but the company, Pom™, annouced that they are planning to put the bouncers on the shelves next year (2019).

The bouncers have a simple design, with the outside of the shoe being non-genuiene leather.
The bouncers have a very thick, white sole, with hidden springs inside it, too having an inside gel sole, making the pair of shoes more comfortable to wear.

The Company explained that when the shoes were brought onto store shelves, the shoes would cost approximatley $1,200NZD. But people soon found out that there is a big difference when buying the shoes online. When buying online, the Bouncers are approxiamatley $2,000NZD. The reason for this is not yet known.

As the report mentioned at the start, A class from Yaldhurst Model School, Christchurch, were asked to trial the Bouncers.
“They were really bouncy!” - A year 5 student from the class
“I found that they were durable” - A year 6 student from the class
“They didn’t get wrecked at all, even though I wore them everyday!” - A year 7 from the class
“I loved the color variety” - A year 8 from the class.

The Bouncers are the best on the market, because of the quality and durability of the shoe.
They are made from springy mesh, more bouncy than a trampoline. They are comfortable, and come in a different variety of colors to suit you.
The Bouncers are the most expensive on the market, however the company states that it is the best and most durable on the market today. The trial from the Yaldhurst Children supports the companies claim of the shoe’s popularity and quality.

Friday, 4 May 2018

May the 'Fourth' be with you!

Guys, it's May the 4th. So, May the fourth be with you!
Now, some of you will be wondering what I mean. So, in Star Wars, their 'phrase' is "May The Force Be With You!".

Since the date is May 4th, we are having a Star Wars theme at our school and we got to dress up as Star Wars characters. I went as 'Rey.' Below is a picture of me and my friends and what we were dressed up as, also what my class was dressed up as, and a few Star Wars themed pictures.

In my class, there were three people who went as 'Rey', and they were both my best friends!
Did your class do anything on May the 4th at your school? If you did, please comment! Thanks Guys.