Monday, 3 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey Preparation - Country Research

Hi Bloggers!
Today we have a person named Emma with our class, and she is helping us prepare for our summer learning journey. Our first task was to choose a country to research (We had a list of countries to choose from), and we answer questions about this country we chose; We use google to do our research but we are not allowed to copy and paste.

The country I chose was Australia. Here are the questions I answered:
1. The capital city of Australia is: Canberra.
2. The population of the capital city is: 356,585 (Around the population of which city I live it, which is Christchurch)!
3. In January, the weather of the capital city is usually: 
In January, Canberra, the weather is usually a high of 29 degrees celsius, while at a low it usually sits at 14 degrees celsius. 
4. The capital city is located in: Canberra is located in the 'South East' of Australia. It is in the bottom right corner of the country.  
5. The languages spoken in the capital city are: English. The main languages other than English spoken are: Mandarin (915 people), Vietnamese (802 people) and Cantonese (609 people). The main language other than English spoken in Canberra was Mandarin. 

The answers automatically came up on google when I asked the questions. 
I didn't need go into any websites :)

Pet Day Update!

Hi Bloggers!
The other day I told you guys how we made vegetable sculptures on pet day, but now it's time to tell you the rest that happened!

After we made the veggie sculptures, we watched sheep shearing, duck herding, and much more!
Some of us got to meet the judges and write for them. I was one of those people, and I was working with 'Large Dogs'. They had to complete a course, which was: "Go up onto the bench, weave through the cones, go up onto the bench again, and then go around a cone and sprint back". Some dogs were really obedient, but some not!

We also had a coffee cart at our school, a bake sale, and lots more! I brought a hot chocolate from the coffee cart, and the man gave me extra marshmallows!

Here are some pictures from the day:
My Friend Group and I sitting watching the duck herding
Duck Herding!

Friday, 30 November 2018

ZONES - Sports

A few weeks ago we went to zones. I went for High Jump, Long Jump and Sprints. The event was held at a park in Rolleston, and we competed with Lincoln and Selwyn schools. There were so many people that had been to centrals before, and that made me really nervous!

Here are some photos from the day:

These aren't photos of me, but you can get an idea of what the venue looks like!
Did you go to zones? Comment down below!

Veggie Sculptures - Pet Day

Hey Bloggers!

Today at our school it's pet day. One of the first things we did was make a Veggie Sculpture or a Sand Saucer. I chose to do a Veggie Sculpture. I used bananas and a red capsicum.

By now, you guys might be asking what I made! Well, I made a squid!
What I did, is use a banana for the body and red capsicums for the eyes. I found it a bit hard to do but it worked out alright, here's some pictures:

Do you have pet day at your school? Do you make Sand Saucers or Veggie Sculptures? If so, tell me what you made/did on pet day down below!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Learning to trace with Google Drawing!

Hey Bloggers!
Throughout the year I've seen so many of my classmates doing amazing drawings online, and when they said the did it with Google Drawing, I was simply amazed. 

I always wondered how they did it! And I finally learned how. 
Tracing. With google drawing, you can insert an image, and then use the tools to trace around the image, but, of course, you would need to add your own things some of the time, because if you didn't, then you'd be committing plagiarism by completely copying it!

This time I drew an astronaut. 
This is the original image: 

This was the one I made: 

Thanks Guys! If you'd like to know how I did this, let me know in the comments! Thanks

Friday, 23 November 2018

Hooked On Books Week: Book Character Day!

This week for our school, it was 'Hooked on Books Week', and one of the things we had to do was dress up as book characters! We all planned our outfits carefully, and some of us even won prizes!

Me and my best friend Grace decided to dress up as Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge from Archie Comics. I went as Veronica, and Grace went as Betty.

Here are some of our pictures!

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Our Attitude Visit!

Hi Bloggers!
Today we got a visit from a guy named Tamatea, and he came from Attitude.
He talked to us about our personalities and the kind of people we decide to be. He talked to us about 4 personality types that we think we might be. 

1. The Otter
The Otter is someone who wants to find the 'fun' in everything. Sometimes they can be a bit silly. 
The Otter usually tries new things, but sometimes without thinking it through. 

2. Lion
The Lion is someone who likes to take charge, but also helps people while doing so. 
The Lion is usually the leader of the group. 

3. The Golden Retriever
The Golden Retriever is someone who loves to help people out. They are labelled 'The Peace Makers'. 

4. The Beaver. 
The beaver wants to do everything right the first time. 

I personally think I am an Otter. What are you?